Home of fresh & healthy food

BioCafe is a passion of healthy lifestyle, great fresh free-from food, guilt free, sugar free desserts and truly nutritional snacks and bites that we serve for breakfast and lunch! We have options for diabetics too!


Our balanced food will make you feel satisfied for long time as we only use good quality products with no refined sugar added! Call it Fit, Comfort food, healthy diet, clean eating…etc. We have it all!
You don’t need to be a vegetarian, vegan, raw or gluten free to fall in love with healthy guilt free indulgence!


You are more than welcome to bring your own bottle if you wish ;)


Amazing people.

Amazing coffee...

Get us know better...

Where is the idea coming from?

Definitely from love to good food! I always dreamt about small café a place that I would confidently bring anyone

and myself! The place full of goodies - guilt free goodies of course!

…and if the Café is run by Personal Trainer - sign me in!